I will collect here what web sites and magazines say about BOW as long as I'm aware of it. If you find some interresting comments not listed here, don't hesitate to let me know.

One technically inventive LEGO miniatures design is Alban Nanty's BOW (Bricks-Only Wargame). Though slight in detail and clearly inspired by BrikWars, BOW uses LEGOs not only as figures and scenery, but also as dice and character sheets. To determine an action's success, you throw 2x2 LEGO squares; the ones that land on their side count as successes. Measure distances with a ruler made of bricks. Record your minifig's abilities on a six-by-eight-stud baseplate divided into regions for movement, attack and hit points; on each area, place a color-coded brick with a number of studs represent the ability score. BOW is interesting for its complete LEGO grammar, a proof of powerful flexibility.
The Escapist Magazine, Allen Varney, 15 May 2007.

I like very much the "all in brick" concept. The dice are bricks, the decor is entirely in Lego, the character sheets use gauge made out of bricks. Everything follow from bricks. The game last at least 4h and was intense, the fate of the dice-bricks greatly contribute towards suspense. [...] Anyway, if you have a small Lego collection, I invite you to test this really nice game, where both players don't get bored.
Pakoublog, 15 April 2010.