Marcin Guzik gently corrected my english mistakes in the Rule Book. You can now download the 1.3 version which is identical to the 1.2 version from the game rules point of view, but with proper english sentences. Thanks Marcin!


I published the first version of the Advanced Rules (only in HTML and only in english for now).


I have uploaded the PDF format of the Rule Book version 1.2, for both english and french.


After a wrong manipulation, I publish the version 1.2 of the rules (HTML only) before I was really ready to do so. I still plan to add few more pictures in it to be really eligible to the version 1.2.
What are the changes in this version? Almost nothing concerning the game rules (except that I moved the explosive attacks to the advances rules (that are still not published yet), and I removed the landing/take off action to simplify the rules). The main changes in the 1.2 version is the improvement of the readability. I removed some redundant sentences, and clarify or rewrite some others. I also added more pictures to illustrate better the rules. I also moved the chapters concerning the extention of the rules into a new Annexe B (again to make the reading of the rules easier and more straight forward).
Moreover, I added two new stories about two BOW game I played. For the first time as a player, I really enjoyed my own game!


I translated the core rules in french. The rules in french are now also available in pdf.


I added a new story from a player in the "Related Stuff" then "Stories" menu.


I added a new page called "Game System" in the "Related Stuff" menu where I analyse the balance of the game system.


I added a new page called "Scenario" in the "Resource" menu where I plan to add some scenarii for the BOW game. For now I put only one scenario in that page, but it's a pretty well details scenario, with building instructions for the battle field and the full description of the armies. Check it out!


Woooh! The Brikwars web site mentionned my website in its news. I'm very happy with that! :-)
I added a new page called "Stories" in the "Related Stuff" menu where I put the comments that some players sent me. I also moved the "About" page in the "Home" menu.


I updated the rules from the feedback some players gave me. The current version of the Rules Book is now 1.1. The modifications from the previous version are:


The rules book is now available in a printable version in pdf.


I made a modification in the formula to compute the CP, so I updated the core rule, minifig and custom pages.


I've finished to work on the colors. I written the Custom Minifig Page (a lot of javascript) and also the vehicule page and the RoundMarker page (javascript + images). I fixed some little bugs. Finally I put online the rules... Enjoy!


I work on the other style sheets than the default one (I worked on the colors, made some images for these SS).


I fix the bug on the minifig sheet for an ability greater than 6 (for Dodge/Armor, Attack/Damage and HP only).


I totally reworked the Minifig Sheet page. I also finished what I wanted to do on the database. Nevertheless the generated page for the Minifig sheet is still bugged when an ability is greater than 6. Now I have to manage several layers of plates for this kind of situation.


I fix some appearance bugs. Unfortunatly two bugs remains for IE that doesn't respect the HTML standard (with IE: impossible to get a transparent background, and IE add a carriage return after a FORM). This site will be better if seen with Mozilla. I also add a dropdown list in the Minifig page, such as only the minifig of the choosen category are displayed.


I'm still working on this website. Yesterday I found a new name for my wargame, and I hope It will be the good one! I designed a logo that I find cool. I worked on the appearance, but it's not finished yet :-). The rules are ready but will be put online at last. I have to work more on the mySQL database.


This site is under construction. It is about a wargame with LEGO® bricks. This website will provide a full set of rules (already written), and will use a MySQL Database to store some game data like the description sheets of some characters and vehicules. This website will be also visible in 4 different themes (Classical, Medieval, WWII and Starwars) that you will be able to change whenever you want (your last choice will be memorized with a cookie).